Warnings and Ban Procedures | INFJ Forum

Warnings and Ban Procedures

Warning Levels

The current system for dealing with rule violations on the INFJ forums is based off a pointed Warning system. A member found to have broken forum rules will be notified via a private Warning, associated with a specific number of Warning points. These points accumulate and expire after a certain time period, and the number of active points determine the exact action that is done (see below).

Warning points given for any violation is scaled on the severity of each case. Also, the expiration period for a given point is determined by the severity, as described below.

Standard Warnings

  • 0 Warning (a 0-point warning): expiration not applicable
  • Mild (1 point): 75 day expire
  • Medium (2 points): 150 day expire
  • Hot (3 points): 300 day expire

Custom Warnings

Custom Warnings are typically given for more severe offences. Any number of points may be given for the Warning, as well as any expiration period. The expiration period can be set for any amount of hours, days, months, or never, depending on the severity of the offence. An expiration period of "Never" will consequently result in a permanent Warning.

The staff may and will increase the point value of an Warning for repeated offences. In addition, under special circumstances a small amount of Warning points may be removed before their expiration date.

Accumulating a specific number of points results in specific actions:

  • 1-3 points = No consequence
  • 4-6 points = one-day Warning bin
  • 7-9 points = one-week Warning bin
  • 10 points = one-month Warning bin
  • 11 points = two-month Warning bin
  • 12+ Points = three-month Warning bin

The Warning Bin

If a user accumulates enough Warning points to garner a consequence, they will automatically be placed in the Warning Bin. This is not a complete ban, but rather a suspended position. Users placed in the Warning bin only have the ability to post in a hidden Warning subforum, located in the private discussion section, to communicate with staff. Furthermore, they can view only certain forums, and cannot view user profiles. All other posting abilities and PM abilities are suspended. Any inquiries while in the Warning bin will occur in the Warning subforum.

Full Bans

If a user goes over 12 points, 30 day temporary forum bans will be given. If this occurs three times, a permanent ban from the forums may occur. In extreme circumstances, a permanent ban may occur sooner, as well.