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  • That sounds great but how do I induce this sweat you speak of? :m160: Thanks, Doc. Here's your payment :m186: lol
    I'm sick with the flu :(. You gave me great advice the last time I was sick so what should I do, Doc? I can pay you in emoticons:m105:
    Yeah, that's a good one. I love that little tinkling sound on that track - what is it? Keyboards? I'm listening to it right now, lol. :) Actually, there's a lot of hidden gems on the Brothers record. I prefer it to El Camino. The latter seems a bit sharper and better produced, etc... But Brothers has a special quality to it - more bluesy perhaps? Not exactly sure. Besides, there's more of it.

    As for their bare honesty... I've never heard another band write so many songs about heartbreak and being dumped and being abandoned, lol. There is no ego in it or attitude. Just good honest songs. I think perhaps that's what I enjoy the most about their music. :)

    ...You listen to BlakRoc first and report back... I'm not brave enough! :redface:
    Yes, they are one of those bands that I never ever get sick of listening to. Every time I go through a break up I play and play their songs until I feel better. :redface: Have you heard any of their new stuff? The hip hop side project? I haven't picked it up yet, but they are certainly busy boys. :) If I had to pick one song from their old-ish collection it'd probably be Psychotic Girl. So simple but so good.

    Thanks for the friendship, too.
    Can't =( I'm nocturnal right now
    Hey I've wanted to try dmt for a while now. I heard people get kits and make it themselves. Do you have advice for how to get somez?
    Also why don't you sleep? It's not that late here. 1am.
    AhSveeeer <3! It's lovely to hear from you (:. I'm okay, thanks! How are you, little one? (:
    Oh wowowow! So many new developments! Congrats on the new band! :D How did you get into it? Do you guys have any music online that I can listen to? :D! What made you want to get away from History? :P Also med is a really good choice!
    Hahah, glad to see you back! Even if you are just lurking :P
    I'm okay, thanks. It is spring here but summer is just around the corner so yuuus :D
    How are you?! What's new in your world? (:
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