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  • Also, I lovingly dedicate this to you. <333

    The biggest problem I have with the show right now is deff plot and dialogue/some of the acting. Like, what happened with the hospital full of vampires from episode 1? How is it the strain is seemingly progressing so slowly?! Why does Mia actually think there's a cure for mutated vampire people?! I think by the end of season 1 it will all work out though.

    I also need to DL some Pendred to catch up on season 2. Did it have a good finale? Season 3?!!
    How is it you appear like such a lovely person, despite the fact I know you're an assassin bot come back in time to stop my plans for world domination.
    Gah, I am so behind still! I need to figure out how to pirate it again... >.< What ep you on?
    Will we bring some victims with us, or should we stop along the way? I know a good spot for upper middle class bureaucrats. Fatty, I know, but we should spoil ourselves.

    As to the thread, a guy called Amed reopened the Why is Transgender a Thing thread and spewed a bunch of ignorant bullshit about homosexuality and transsexuality. This was followed by a lot of people disagreeing with him and the eventual closing of said thread. There was a collective sigh of relief by the forum, but just me, always the pinnacle of open-mindedness, decided to take issue with this and created the closing a thread thread.

    This was followed by more ignorant bullshit being spread and more people getting annoyed and groaning in disappointment. And yeah, that's about it.
    Haha, I kinda panicked when I realized. :lol:
    But I really do like that gif post!
    Glad I could be of some help. As for the sexbot, I suggest donating all major organs to Sexbotica Inc (the number one experts in the world), where they'll ensure all parts will go into the construction of their newest line of orgasmatastic robots.

    And congrats on the job.
    Thank you for the compliment, blush. That one's a good picture, the right angle with the right lighting. I don't look too stunning in most of my pictures, lol.
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