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  • I like taking those kinds of pictures occasionally, too. It's fun for use on a wallpaper for my phone.

    I'm glad you found it helpful. Those were just the kinds of questions I think about. :smile:
    Hope you're doing well too, sorry.. I tend to take a long time to respond ~ not on here that much anymore. I enjoy it from time to time, it feels like a safer version of social networking in a way ~ and the feedback tends to be of better quality. Anyway, sure we'll talk again someday soon = ]
    Such is life, no worries man - I experienced something similar recently. Hope all else is well with you.
    I've had credit card for two years bro, yeah - it's important to stay on top of your expenses/ pay them off.

    Grats though; you and Carly "done" ... Or don't know still?
    You're right that every man has his unique battles and problems. You and I are no different. When I have this truth centered in my mind, I am assured that every step of improvement I take is phenomenal, no matter how small, no matter how long it takes for me to take a step forward. Life is unfair, but the harder your circumstances, the greater the man you can become.

    My mother was a critical woman at times and a very nurturing one at other times, much like yours. I can tell you that it does get better with time, especially if you take the right efforts. Mothers can say things to kill our drive to separate from them emotionally, but staying in that mother-child mold is not healthy for us. I remember times when I yelled loudly at my mother for the things she did or said to continue controlling my life. I was sorry for doing it, but that was okay. Mentally, I was learning to let go of her. I continued drawing boundaries and spent less time around her. I practice this even now. And as I grew in independence, I was able to love her in a more genuine manner as an adult---as an independent adult with boundaries---not as a fearful child in the grips of a fearful mother, afraid to lose her child. She had to lose her "child" in order to relate to her son. She did change, but it required that I take the initiative to break away from her and to seek the support of friends and other men. She is now more emotionally grounded and peaceful around me. The bond can never be the same again, but it's a healthier relationship.

    It will get easier as long as you continue to draw the line──as long as you continue to separate from her emotionally until you're grounded and independent enough to relate her as an adult. Whenever you see that she's trying to cling, you'll have to take a step further away, until she has changed. This will seem to hurt her for a time, but you must create this void, so that she can adjust to the new you.
    Yeah, three days is fine - I figured maybe NC cause there's jet-ski's down there and such. If you think it's better in VA then lets do that, it be nice to see you either way.

    Also, wtf did I just read?

    Hey, any chance you could take some vacation in early July? It be nice to hang out in NC for bit, haven't seen you in some time.
    Oh that's great, I didn't know you were back into church. I am starting back at a new church tomorrow morning, myself. I am glad it is helping you and you are feeling better and finding direction in your career path and life. I'm sorry to have been such a stranger. You are a good dude. I have just moved to a new city & my long-distance love has joined me here. We are looking for jobs and exploring on foot as neither of us drive. It is an adventure for sure! :D
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