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Baby the stars shine bright...

An article about how earth could have got hold of so much water. It was too hot to hold onto any when it first formed so it must have arrived later when its surface had cooled down.

Winchcombe meteorite bolsters Earth water theory

This is quite fascinating and not just for the main theme. It almost casually throws in where this little meteorite came from and when. It’s truly amazing how much we can learn from just a little bit of rock.
Fascinating video about the development of a working interplanetary fusion propulsion drive later this decade. The fact it's mainly a UK development worries me though - we are really great at inventing things like this, then letting some Far Eastern country develop it into a huge commercial success instead of doing it ourselves!

Mind you - seeing is believing with such a project - I do hope it comes off though, and it does sound plausible.

Interesting take on how typical our solar system is compared with others out there in the universe, and whether humanity is unique. Personally, I'm inclined to think that ours is very special based on the descriptions of many other planetary systems out there over the last 20 years. The Fermi paradox is of course highly suggestive too. But the decades go by, technology improves and we find out more and more - the perspective can change fundamentally as new information comes in and is analysed. It would be sad if we are alone, but maybe that's the most likely situation at the moment. Mind you, if we are not, that might be more scary than being alone.