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[INFJ] Did anyone ever stumble across a complete plan to save the world?

Bucky speaks at 4:17 after the introduction.

Buckminster Fuller hits every point. A wonderful human being, visionary, and humanitarian force for growth.
Mr. Fuller styled himself a comprehensivist, and his talents and versatility reminded some of a latter-day Leonardo da Vinci. He was skilled as an engineer, architect, scientist, mathematician and cartographer, and was admired and esteemed as a poet, environmentalist, world planner and educator.
He had been married in 1917. In 1922, his 4-year-old daughter died. That loss devastated him. In 1927, another daughter was born, but he was suddenly without a job.

He considered suicide, he later said, but decided instead to reorganize his life. "I made an experiment," he recalled, "to see what, if anything, an unknown penniless 32-year-old male with a wife and child could do."

"I asked myself a question," he said. "Who am I?

"I decided that I was an inventory of experiences. And if I did away with myself I might get rid of some connecting link of experience in the universe that would turn out to be important.
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I think thats good advice ("how to be happy in hell" by nutnfancy):