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Errr. OK. (Also, the peaceful game I play, Journey, didn't pop up because it is so old, so I only added the FPS I play.)

It's skewed against immersion because I don't play to pretend I'm someone else. If I have an option, I design characters to be an idealized version of myself. I do love being immersed in the world and I don't play games that are distractingly ugly.

Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 10.22.08 AM.png

Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 10.22.13 AM.png

Your primary (dominant) player type is the Acrobat, but you also lean towards a secondary player type, the Architect.
Acrobats are solo gamers who primarily want to take on challenging gameplay and they want to practice over and over again until they can take on the most difficult missions and bosses in the game.
Architects are solo gamers that enjoy planning, decision-making, and progression. They prefer slow-paced, relaxing gameplay where they can plan and build something grand and enduring.
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That was fun. I actually enjoy co-op a lot, I just don't know anyone who plays and teaming up with randos is not appealing. I still have 10 year old unused copies of FF XI and XIV, waiting for a miracle to happen lol.

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This is the result of me being an adrenaline junkie per my ADHD.

Mayhem, kill or be killed, stand still and die, intensity, disturbing imagery...Doom!

but I like RPGs a la Ultima, Wizardry (yes I am old).

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