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How much screen time do you think is a good thing?


Rothchildian Agent
May 9, 2011
Are you conscious of screen time, ie TV, internet etc.? Do you try to manage it or limit it? Why and what is your reasoning?
Thought you meant on camera.

Watching, I think about it. I go out often (obsessively) which inherently limits how much time I watch stuff. Admittedly, though, I watch a lot of stuff in the evenings after work. Just too spent (sometimes broke) to go out.
School has taken away from screen time, but most of that is replaced by study time in my books so it's not like a huge amount has changed. I've never had issues with eye strain from prolonged screen time so I need to consciously limit myself.
Yes because I can and should be doing better things. I consider it an indulgence and a bad habit to spend hours staring at a screen. I find it to be a weakness that I some times wish I didn't have.
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Unless I'm reading from my Kindle app or researching something, I spend two hours a day on computers, tops. I have little more time than that to give, and there's usually more interesting stuff going on elsewhere anyhow.
I'm convinced that the internet ruined my life when I turned to it in middle school. Now that I've realized this I seriously have to repair my spatial and social awareness which was already awful prior to the internet. Not to mention actually taking more action in my life.

I never watched a lot of TV so I'm convinced that TV is probably okay in small doses.
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I have huge screen time because I usually work on a laptop, but I tried to reduce it after work. However, when I use the screen for too long, it causes me a headache.
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