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I have a serious doubt that torments me

What do you mean by ‘see objective reality’? For example each of us carries our own subjective reality. To be truly objective would I have to be able to see the world through each and everyone else’s subjective viewpoint simultaneously?

The more I find writers who describes places, people, emotions, ideas, philosophy, objects, animals; fitting the same way I understand the world; I was connecting the dots and I was slowly convinced that if there are people who see the world the way I do, I am at least the closest to being objective. Now, knowing the cognitive functions, I figured out Se is what makes to see the world in full detail at it is, no throught subjective lenses , no the effect "you only see what you want to see",but seeing things at they are, some things being beautiful (I saw true things able to being classified as miracles), some things being horrible, all of this since very young childs, for example how can a 4 years old child knowing/thinking about adult topics such as death, poverty, injustices, disease; if we only saw things through subjective lenses of our own experiences? that's the definition of Si! But we have Se, seeing things we don't even want to see. Without mental filters.

Being able to see the world trough everyone else's subjective viewpoint simultaneosly is the definition of Ni, which is the opposite of solipsism.
It just about reading a LOT about cognitive functions to understand better what matches reality the most, and extrapolating concepts to see how it all fit in all you see.
from the MIT technology Review's "A quantum experiment suggests there’s no such thing as objective reality"(url:https://www.technologyreview.com/20...ts-theres-no-such-thing-as-objective-reality/)

Honestly @Rose07, and I'm not trying to sound difficult, but I'm legit interested in your questions and musings you've posted l, and Im enjoying exploring these thoughts and questions with you, would you mind me asking:

1) Have you really, seriously asked yourself about the nature of reality?: Have you looked at some of the research, like Landauers principle on how mass, energy, and information are related? Do you ever question your certainty on being able to "see" "objective reality"!
I did not real about Landauers principle but of course I question the nature of reality! This is one of the traits of INFJs, above all if the enneagram is 5, which is the most curious intelectualy. But I don't have money to buy books and I have internet recently, about a few years ago to investigate things because I was born in a poor country.

2) Why does the notion of other people "seeing reality objectively" matter to you so much? How would you know or how would you measure their level of objectivity in comparison to yours, objectively? And still, why would proving this ultimately matter to you?(esp. even some of the brightests physicists struggle to understand fully what objective reality is?

3) What exactly are you're serious doubts, and why does "torment you"? Are you doubting reality being objective? Are you doubting other people's perceived lack of "objective"(or do I mean impersonal) interpretation of reality? Do you think your objective perspective could be defended with "universals"? Do you think social idealism is based on or could be based on "empirical principles"? To you, when and where was a time&place "societies" were the "most harmonious"? Would you consider that society to be the most "objective" in it's approach to social order?​

I did respond most of this questions in my message above this one.
"I call it Objectivism - meaning, a philosophy based on objective reality...my philosophy is based on the concept that reality exists as an objective absolute, that man's mind, reason, is his means of perceiving it, and that man needs a rational morality. I am the creator of a new code of morality which has so far been believed impossible, namely a morality not based on faith..." - Ayn Rand

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