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Instrumental Music

Oh boy. I found my thread! I'm a sucker for instrumental music, especially soundtracks. I shall post some of my favorites, many of them being from Korean/Japanese dramas or movies.





I would love to hear this kind of music live someday. I would cry forever.
If you haven't seen taiko drums live I strongly recommend it. It makes all other attempts at musical creation seem feeble by comparison. More metal than metal.

The original Tetris

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It inspires on a deep level, or can just relax you. I have an artist to recommend! Just give me one second to find his page!
Ok, here is the link to his page on CD Baby. You can listen to a 30 second preview for all of his songs. His music sounds really good to me, and I think you guys might like it too. I bought a couple of his tracks, including the "Desolation" one and another called "No.14". After hearing the preview I liked immediately. So check out this dude's music!!!

Here is the link to his page:
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Please play!
I prefer instrumental music over most music these days because it lets my personality fly free with whatever mood wants to present.
This brought out the silliness in me. May you be silly today!


From a friend of mine living in Serbia who intuitively draws higher frequency Beings.
"I'm in a good mood. Really good mood. Not sure if it's the chicken or the egg, but have a go at it. I can assure you it's the most beautiful and alien thing you'll hear today.