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Microsoft Goes Full Totalitarian


Nov 17, 2017
The Roaring 20s
@Lady Jolanda @Ren @hush @Free @Ginny @Icedream @Peppermint I am absolutely deleting my Skype account and I encourage you to do the same because of the new Microsoft Terms of service.

I'll leave both this video and a screenshot I took of the new terms of service recently enacted by Microsoft

And a link to the site just for good measure:

So i'm unsubscribing from Microsoft Office, avoiding new Microsoft store/Xbox purchases, and deleting Skype and I encourage anyone on this site who values their autonomy to do the same.
Feel free to discuss this development in this thread to your hearts' content.


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I thought about ranting and raving about this but its all so vaguely worded and ill-defined that I think it's rather obvious what the problems are.

Offensive language as defined by who?

Hate speech as defined by who?

Don't display graphic violence... Do they mean something like a screenshot from a violent video game that Microsoft made or is it just screenshots from their competitors games that they plan to censor?

And no nudity? If you can't strip for your girlfriend on Skype then WTF is the point of having Skype?
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Honestly from a buisness perspective it simply makes sense. They have a product, they define the terms of the use of the product and you as a consumer decide if those terms work for you. You dont have to use their product. Enter another company willing to let you do all the things MS wont let you do.
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@Reason With Logic Filling I already thought Skype was terrible, as perhaps evidenced by my need to download their app, which I previously hadn't, in order to play CAH with y'all :tearsofjoy:

Now, they're just further alienating customers. Their right, but a dumb move.

Well, fuck. W-wait, Microsoft, I, I didn't mean it, I said duck, not - *censored*

An old favorite:

Censorship is one of the biggest evils on the planet.

I feel like organising a large Skype group call where we just sit there naked, shouting profanity and sharing Nazi jokes. Up yours Microsoft.
I feel like organising a large Skype group call where we just sit there naked, shouting profanity and sharing Nazi jokes.

I feel like this is classified as "business as usual" in some Skype circles, which is partly why Microshaft is doing this.

It's more slow deterioration of a free internet. The wild west is coming to an end. AI robot police will keep you in line online, eventually.
Thanks @James. I have heard of it but don't know much about it's compatibility/functionality etc - will do a bit of research.

I think since Windows 10 MS like Facebook have become a data harvester. "We" are the product. Ubuntu (a version of Linux) is probably best, but I think IOS apple are not so bad as MS and are more user friendly.
Apple is not better than MS, they extort money from their customers at every turn.

Linux products do not support MS games. At least they haven't the last time I checked. It's okay as a secondary OS, but as a primary it's best for programmers and/or non-gamers.
With IOS, I meant in terms of privacy not cost. Linux though is open source, which to me means that they are likely to be the most honest.
You're right. But those things are also to be considered. If you like their policy but it isn't useful, how likely are you to actually use it?