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Say something positive about the previous poster.

[MENTION=1926]TinyBubbles[/MENTION] is sweet, smart, & imaginative. Nice person to talk to.
forum wouldn't be the same without her.
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Posts the best music videos <3
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[MENTION=4108]Radiant Shadow[/MENTION] has a profile name I find inspiring. Usually shadows are portrayed as negative things, but Radiant shadows name makes me believe that those in the shadows can still shine :)
So to me, whenever I see a post by Radiant Shadow, I feel a little happy inside just because of the name it was posted under.

A lot of people seem to easily connect to you, whether they've been on the forum for years or only a few days.
You also have a way with words and tend to post a paragraph of text every now and then that feels like it belongs in a novel.

You are a truth teller with a magnanimous spirit. So thoughtful. This sincerity you have will help others capture their own x
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[MENTION=12070]Delta[/MENTION] has a cool username :)
[MENTION=1926]TinyBubbles[/MENTION] She seems very sweet and kind to others. :) She always have pretty avatars.
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[MENTION=11100]flower[/MENTION] is always kind to me, making her one of my friends. Great personality.
I'm guessing [MENTION=680]just me[/MENTION] is into lighting/nature photography judging by the avatar, which I find to be a really cool trait
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[MENTION=11849]feltfriend[/MENTION] I don't know him too well but he seems to be a kind and considerate person who (judging by what I've seen) always contributes positively to the forum with nice and interesting posts.

(I've just 27 posts. Have I ended the thread? XD)
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I know nothing about funny bubbles but that the name tiny bubbles is very joyous. Who can't resist tiny bubbles? I can't they brighten my day.
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[MENTION=12451]silk and chiffon[/MENTION] has the smoothest name ever!
Rarely posts but is often present. Strong silent type. Cool guy, asks interesting questions when he writes. AND has a cool display picture. :)
I haven't read all of his posts, but ArtFirst seems like a courteous, curious, and considerate fellow.
Radiant Shadow is very perceptive, creative and has a long range perspective on life which I find admirable. On top of that he is warm and caring about other people, sometimes to his own expense. A great person really.
[MENTION=1926]TinyBubbles[/MENTION] is the prettiest girl on the forum.
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[MENTION=1939]Stu[/MENTION] is a good man that I've always admired and had respect for.
[MENTION=6042]Izan[/MENTION] loyal
Has an adorable avatar that reminds me of my childhood days of playing Spyro on my Playstation.
[MENTION=4108]Radiant Shadow[/MENTION] is genuine and thoughtful. Has one of most beautiful minds and personalities I've come across on this forum.
[MENTION=1579]Odyne[/MENTION] always has classy avatars