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This Song Makes Me Think Feel


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Jun 4, 2024
I sometimes listen to this song from every perspective. For example, I might be the person singing or the person to whom he is talking about. I even like to put two completely different people in those shoes. Then I will place different (or the same) MBTI types into both and attempt to empathize with how each might be thinking / feeling under various circumstances. It's an amazing exercise and honestly I really like exploring this way. I hope you enjoy it in the same manner in which I have used it.

It's an interesting and productive exercise. Do you do this with other songs?
It's an interesting and productive exercise. Do you do this with other songs?
Actually, I was listening to this song and it just made sense to do it with me and another person in the roles [because it gave good perspective.] Then I had an NF friend that was having some struggles so I adjusted the exercise so that it would be more therapeutic. He was in England so the song worked perfect.

I never tried with another song but it seems like it would work with similar songs as long as the song wasn't a ballad (or maybe it could). It just seems better if there's a little bit of an edge to the lyrics.

What's really interesting is when you are in the roll of receiving the song and you think this person is strange but REAL. It even gets better when you interchange the N and S and recognize that the S very likely lacks insight.

Overall it can take a relationship of any kind and help people recognize that everyone is just a person and we can't put anyone on a pedestal.
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