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What are your greatest fears?


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May 11, 2008
I have a few...

Fear of being alone
Fear of being rejected
Fear of embarrassment/humiliation/shame
Fear of failure
Fear of people controlling me
Fear of heights
Fear of spiders
Fear of barking/growling dogs
Fear of losing control.
Fear of taking risks.

I'll come back when I remember more.
Fear of losing control and not being able to recover
Fear of mediocrity

Neither of these hold me back, they do the opposite in fact, they drive me.
Telephoning strangers. I literally start hyperventilating.
Embarrassing myself in public, especially in front of people whom I hold in high regard.
Bees and centipedes
Waking up one day to realize that my whole life has passed me by and I haven't done anything of value in the world.
Cancer, after watching my grandmother die of leukemia.

I used to be terrified of needles, but I got over it by becoming a blood donor.
Needles, they are a debilitating fear
Sharks, snakes, and the other obvious "I Don't Want To Die" fears...
The biggest is the fear of becoming impotent, crippled, brain damaged, The Norwegian Progress Party, Alzheimer, cancer etc... anything that will keep me from doing what i want to do or anything that will take away my freedoms.

Smaller things are:
Big spiders
religious fanaticism
reality tv
hip hop "ganstah" culture
Does anyone here fear God and if so, why?
Excellent point. I fear God, immensely! Why? He has the power to destroy me . . . I wish I could say that I didn't understand why he doesn't, but the explaination would be somewhere along the lines of love. Though, it's more of an "awed" kind of fear than a "terrified" kind.
sumone said:
Does anyone here fear God and if so, why?

I'm confused myself why people would fear God. I think it is that whole authoritarian parental figure thing and what people actually fear is the possibility of punishment. That even sounds like what Kwiss was saying. As I have said before, I actually find that interpretation of God to be offensive because I can't imagine his idea of love would be that we are all overwhelmed by him.
Yes, I think "fearing" God, at least in the most commonly usage of the word, is a strange concept. I don't think that is what is intended and so I don't think that word should be employed. It's too confusing. If anything, we might say "I love God" and actually get closer to the profound respect and powerful affection (or awe) that is more the reality.

I was talking to a friend one day and she looked me in the eyes and said, "You aren't afraid of anything are you?" She may be right metaphysically, but I really do not like snakes.

I think the most courageous person in history was the bloke who downed the first raw oyster, although I suspect the phrase, "Hey watch this!" came into play.
When I was very, very little I just loved God and didn't fear Him at all. I would say to people, "God is so nice!" I liked Him a lot, as well as loved Him. It wasn't until I was in Catholic school that I was taught to FEAR God, His wrath, His punishmet, Purgatory was a no-brainer; we were all going there and Hell was always looming! It was later on as I travelled through many different churches that my fear left and awe and respect remained.
For most of my life it has pretty much been a father/daughter relationship. And like my Dad here, I don't FEAR him but I fear hurting him or disappointing him. I don't fear that he's going to go crazy and set me on fire or something. I want him to be proud of me.
Random bizarre fact: when I was young I thought God looked like a green frog *glares and readers with a ‘you have two heads’ look on their face* so no, I wasn’t :)
Now that's something you don't hear every day! LOL
Lurker said:
Random bizarre fact: when I was young I thought God looked like a green frog *glares and readers with a ‘you have two heads’ look on their face* so no, I wasn’t :)

Green frog????? :lol:
I don't know cokenut .... should we press her on this! :geek: hahaha

He says it, You do it.



and yes, I will be making fun of you from now on :D

:mrgreen: <--- doesn't even come close to doing my laughter justice! Them's fantastic.