What Is Peace?

Rubbing cream moved the pain elsewhere. I could still stand, but my feet were aching with every step. Both hands started hurting. Neck was next, the right buttocks. Finally I laid on my back after massaging with
my hands and fingers with pain management cream intensely. Took two Tylenol extra strength, after fighting for a half hour laying as still as I possibly could, no pillow, on my back in the bed. Chose not to relinquish
the fight, and stood face to face with it. Closing my eyes, felt I was opaquely trying to vision the level 8 (to me) pain, trying to ignore it as I went. Chose to not allow pain domination of my mind. The fight went on. I tried
to absorb and embrace the pain, causing muscle spasms in both feet. A cramp can get one's attention. Never screamed. Had to push against the bottoms of both feet in certain areas.

As this moved into the second half-hour, walked as like walking on eggshells to where the carpet meets the wood floor. Grabbing both sides of the door frame, I pushed down on the conjunction for the remainder of the second half-hour. Time for more
Diclofenac Sodium Topical Gel, 1 %. Intensity was slowing a bit, but why stop fighting?

Found exemplification in the wee hours of a new day: 1ST through 4TH Chapter of Richard Chun's book, "Advancing In Tae Kwon Do". Exercised slowly through the motions for 2 1/2 hours. The fourth chapter was the one I was slowly going to: Meditation, page 39, shows where I then studied only the picture. I found the peace that passes all understanding.

To be continued........

Are you OK, Justme?
I feel like it's two things. Either it's a single, fleeting moment in an individual's life or the aftermath of anything catastrophic. In both cases, it's a form of surrender.

Will you share more insight
Father, forgive them: as they know not what they do. Give to them the courage to walk away, when they know what they do is unacceptable. See the full moon tonight, and the stars and planets. We are lights.
Are you OK, Justme?

@Asa Thank you for asking. Have another 7 days of endurance hoping to find rest, while insurance places us in PT. Insurance wants to see our endurance and care while we fight pain. Their machine enables us to embrace it. It can now walk with us.
They may never see our endurance, but that which we allow them to see.