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Jun 4, 2024
When I was a kid in the 80s I lived in the country. We would ride our bikes, go fishing, and spend most of our time outdoors because our parents said GO OUTSIDE! We were suppose to find our own way through school and activities, while being afraid of adults and god. Social dynamics was tough for an INFJ because we were always trying to figure out WHY things were happening while most kids just threw caution to the wind and did things. Understanding the world was important and emotions were piped into us like water from a fire hose. For the longest time I despised that poor kid because he seemed to fumble everything socially even though he was an excellent athlete, which offset the awkwardness and probably saved his life.

Now, I look back and think about that young boy and realize how much adversity, anxiety, and depression he overcame. How the emotions seemed crippling at times and the hormones, OMG the hormones! I had to learn how to love him for what he did during that time and today I find myself trying to regain the strength he had to persevere.

So when I watched the series Stranger Things I instantly related to so much of what the kids were faced with daily. I could see how they were facing similar issues just in a more dramatic and super power kind of way. Then at the end of a season they played this song and it resonated with how I've felt during those formative years. The idealism in me always wanted to help people and the song inspired me to take action in the same manner that was required for survival in the 80's. Find the hero in you.

I hope you enjoy the song as I have and please forgive me for speaking of my childhood in the 3rd person (though in a way he is like a different person).

Loved reading this. You captured being a kid in the 80s so well.