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  • Again, you frighten me with how well you're able to get on my wave length. I was doing a reading last night.

    Things are in transition on my end. I'm scared, uncertain yet embracing the change at the same time. I hope all is well with you too. Anything new or exciting?
    don't worry about it love, i know people get busy in their own lives and jobs and families and so on, it happens! :) and , mighty boosh, i'll have to check that out. i've been watching documentaries recently, the last one was about the Russian Tsar Ivan the terrible. it's pretty fascinating.
    take it easy! <3
    it's definitely on my to-watch list now that i've seen a few clips. i love will ferrell in anything, and come on who DOESN'T love weird al ? :p lately i've been enjoying some clips from gunnarolla (youtube), i like funnies like that. the simpsons is always cool too.
    I love talking to you, it's so easy :) yeah the olympics is on, if you get a chance definitely watch a bit. i like the alpine skiing most. normally i'm not into sports watching but the olympics just always draws me in for some reason. perhaps because the stakes seem higher.
    sending you lots of love and peace~ <3
    Pretty! How are you sweetie? Im genuinely awful at keeping in touch these days. How is your little one doing?
    It's 8 F or -13 C which is actually warming up compared to what it's been.

    Snow and ice everywhere. -.-
    Yeah the main reason I keep keys is so other people don't lock me out. It's severe winter here and I can't afford to be locked out, and can't afford to damage any windows to get in either.
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