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  • Times like this are what the fb "poke"was probably originally meant for... Until it got misappropriated by perverts. :p Just saying "Hi!" and hope you're doing famously. :)
    Wow! Well that sounds like a really interesting situation! I hope the apartment is as nice in person :) No not really, just was away for a few weeks, and been busy etc Life is fairly boring really! And tiring....I'm so bloody sleepy!
    I'm glad you're alive! Oooh good luck! What's the apartment like? I'm doing ok! Just pottering about getting back into normal life.
    Yes, I agree, non-verbal communication is key. Subtlty, nuances and such. Lovely to hear from you. :)
    yeah, I honestly couldn't be bothered to waste my time, if it were with certain users I wouldn't have a problem but a good number can't seem to take what is said, even if it's just key points and test it against past experiences or possible ones which indicate to me that everything that's read is only judged against their taught values and they way they see things....nothing more, and as much as I love banging my head against a brick wall there comes a point where you just have to stop for the benefit of your sanity if nothing else ;)
    I've got one of my own here on the aggressive women thread, though I think it's just down to misunderstandings.
    We should be friends. You are the only other person I've ever met who has told me that they really enjoyed Crime and Punishment! Have you read any other Dostoevsky books?
    It does bring me sad thoughts whenever I think about it. Thank you for the sentiment though. :]
    Sure, no problem - I meant what I said : )

    Eh... I've had better moments, but I can't complain; life is good.

    Thank you for asking - How are you?
    LOL then my work here is done!
    That is precisely why I have armed myself with smug Bob Saget GIFs.
    I volunteer at an animal shelter for the rest of my summer.

    You are getting an eyebrow pierced?! What brought on the idea?

    Oh gosh, a father at 20 years old. That's a little overwhelming. I am sure there is help services for young parents, no?
    I was just up late chillin. I'm on west coast so it's not as late over here. So Reon is the middle of two names and you weren't born in a state... Very interesting. How long have you been INFJin it up? In life that is not just on the forum.
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