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  • holy !@#$, those are great paintings/artwork that you do.

    i like fantasy/mythology + kahlil gibran too :)

    happy belated b'day and merry xmas in advance (following from the 2 previous posts...)!
    No, you're not too picky. I didn't get past the second book in the Wheel of Time. *sweatdrop*

    Hmm...Okay, for you, I'd recommend His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman and The Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud. HDM has lots of religion/soul analysis, cool battle/suspense scenes, and you can't always be sure whom you can trust. The first one is The Golden Compass, which was made into a film, so you might have heard of it.

    In Bartimaeus, neither of the heroes are very "heroic." They're both arrogant, powerful, and self-serving. Their relationship and character development is very interesting. Also, Barty's sarcasm made me laugh really hard! Amulet of Samarkand is the first in the series.
    Hey! I haven't seen you lately, how are you doing? Oh the art school is still an option.. I don't really know how to get started on that one yet.. Where, how, when,... aah! Stress! I'm looking for a 3-year program, Greece or Italy, but it's not all that easy to find.

    Uhm a way to see what I do.. Not really I think.. I dumped some random stuff at the members art thread over the last few weeks/months, but those are mostly drawings and nothing special. I don't really have anything else online, sorry. :eek:hwell:

    Yeah the insects.. I just can't watch them drown! yay so I'm not the only weird one in this. :D
    Ooh, I love making recommendations! I read so much, though, that it's difficult to say just one or two random books to a random person. What are some of your fave books? If I know what you like it'll be easier for me to recommend something to you. :)
    I second your opinion :D.
    You went to art school in Italy!.. Oh my, well you kind of lived one of my dreams :). I always wanted to study fine arts (preferably abroad), but I never did. I also just graduated 1 month ago and I'm still thinking about just doing it now.
    (need more space here..)
    .. Most of the time they are the only ones that understand what I'm rambling about.. As for the rest, I'm basically surrounded by types that have all the letters I don't have (especially Es, S' and Ts and all sorts of combinations of them) which can be quite exhausting at times :)
    Hey that's great, I thought it was basically black on white. I was so confused I went to see it again! Do you study something art-related of some sort? I have no idea what 'Wallon' is in English, and yes I'm Flemish. Well if you are going to force me to talk French I'm perfectly able to communicate with you but I uhm.. I very much prefer English :D I make so many mistakes in French it's just embarrassing. I prefer to speak it only with people who are terrible at it also hehe.

    Several infjs? Send one over will you?? Well yeah I guess you are doing a good job with your friend: patience is the way to go with an infj :). Yeah I feel the same way about INFPs. I guess I can call myself lucky to have two in my life, with whom I get along great...
    Yeah, well I was thinking about that mbti thing you said too. It certainly is possible that it's less known in Europe. Well I guess it's up to us then to spread the word on the mbti test (and the forum)! :) Sadly enough I'm pretty sure that I don't know one infj in real life, so there goes that plan altogether :). I'm from Belgium, the land of chocolate and rain. Too bad for the last part.

    By the way I was just looking at the new posts in the art thread and I must say I love your work! I like the technique of the portrait, how is it made? Is it done with charcoal or is this painted?
    Hey so you are from France! I didn't notice before, until I saw you say something about The Science of Sleep and it's popularity in France. I'm from Europe as well but I didn't come across a lot of others that are. It seems as if people from the European mainland are a little underrepresented on the forums! :)
    Everything artsy.
    I play some tennis, but I don't have a lot of passion for it. I like watching the rain, playing piano in the dark, and visiting Hobby Lobby.
    Hehehe, I wish I was doing something that crazy but my life's been on the low key of things. Nothing more to do than relax. Who ever knew relaxing could get so tiring. Anyway, good point. Dutch INFJs... hmmm. Idk. It's an interesting thought though. Let me know if you meet one :)
    How've you been?
    I'm now 16!! :) I went to the centre point tower in sydney and had dinner with my family in the revolving restaurant there. The view of sydney at night is really pretty.
    Have you been doing much?
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