1. BXM


    MINDSET: Mood when stupid people talk to me: INFJ Animal: The Wolf John Snow is a great example of an INFJ- never wanted to be a king even though he is a natural leader. How I feel: Me after finishing one book:
  2. L

    [INFJ] SURVEY: Who did you end up marrying?

    Hi, I'm doing a survey to see who INFJs end up with in long-term relationships. It's one thing to see who we get along with according to theory, and another to see what it looks like in practice. And it is this practical aspect that I would like to check here. For answers I would ask: - married...
  3. V

    [INFJ] INFJ Co-worker Crush

    Hello everyone. It is my first time and post here, so thank you for bearing with me. Brace yourselves, because this will be too long of a story. I really wish however to see other peoples opinions about it, without judging me (and my poor writing). Since September, I (INFJ female, as much as I...
  4. RedInAK

    [INFJ] I asked ChatGPT to write a poem about INFJ in the style of Tolkien.

    Here it is: In the land of Middle-earth, Where the light and shadows meet, There dwells a rare and precious kind, Whose soul is pure and sweet. The INFJ is their name, A creature of both light and dark, With empathy and intuition keen, And a heart that leaves its mark. Their wisdom is a...
  5. aeon

    ChatGPT describes the INFJ type in the style of Lovecraft

    “In the dark and ancient depths of the human psyche, there lurks a rare and enigmatic creature known as the INFJ. This elusive being is possessed of a keen intellect and a profound sensitivity to the emotions of others, yet remains strangely aloof from the world around it. Like a creature of...
  6. ringobingostarr

    Hi fellow INFJs! Do you relate?

    Dear fellow INFJs, Isn't so so so hard to be an INFJ? I mean, NiFe... they don't really work well together... it's strange how we exist haha... it makes sense that we are the rarest! It's also crazy how I recognise whenever someone is feeling down or depressed. It's like this sort of empath...
  7. E

    [INFJ] INFJ broke up with me [ENFP]. Please help!!

    My [ENFP] boyfriend [INFJ] broke up with me because I exhausted him. Should I do no contact or should I continue to show him I care and am willing to work things out? We dated for almost 2 years. I met him through mutual friends when he was visiting a city I was living in for a few days. I knew...
  8. N

    [INFJ] INFJ in Tourism

    Hi there, I just wanted to ask if any of you work in tourism as a tour guide ? If yes, are you happy with your work and what do you do when the season is over / do you have another profession ?
  9. Arcane Loop

    INTP: Do I confess my love for an INFJ?

    Dear INFJs, Please help. I'm in desperate need of advice. I'm in love with an INFJ and want to come clean and confess to him.. There's this highly intelligent, profound and mystical human being I met at work. I'll call him A. Initially I didn't pay attention to him at all. It turns out we...
  10. MilaEd

    [INFJ] INFP(F) here in love with an INFJ(M) need your help

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum but I really need some advice here. I'm an INFP woman, divorced, totally in love with this INFJ guy. I'm a software engineer, and I met him for the first time when he took my interview for my first job. I joined that company and worked there for 2 years. He was...
  11. 2

    Where can I find ESTPs?!

    I've been searching for ESTP-INFJ relationships online and reading stories from those who are INFJ/ESTP and it feels like reading fanfic lol Which comes to the question, where can I find an ESTP and how do I snag one?! However, I'm currently talking to one online but just want to find one irl.
  12. 2

    [INFJ] Why does this happen to me?

    Okay, I just wanna ask you guys as to why people go quiet, not talk to others and put their 100% attention to me when it's my turn presenting something in front of the class? When I observe other people when other people do their presentation, they are light hearted, some are talking to other...
  13. AlienPC94

    [INFJ] Met an INTP woman online, I'm doubting my ENFP relationship

    So, I'm an INFJ woman in a lesbian relationship with an ENFP. We've been together for almost 5 years. The relationship was magical in the beginning. We complemented each other perfectly. She would put up with my mood swings and what not. I've calmed down a lot and became very stable. I would...
  14. Mailin

    [INFJ] Need advice (enfp)

    Hi, I have been learning about mbti and their functions as I am an INFJ and always had many many questions about life which ive been answering thanks to functions to understand myself better. Of course its a forever journey but it helps me out to narrow down information and to keep my emotions...
  15. Chackabuu

    [INFJ] Manipulation

    It has been said before that INFJs have a tendency to be manipulative. I think I have manipulated people in the past without realizing it at the time. Probably even more than I realize now. Do you think INFJs are manipulative? Have you ever been accidentally or purposefully manipulative? Have...
  16. Chackabuu

    Masculinity and Femininity in INFJs

    Wasn't sure where to put this so I'll throw it here. This is awkward to word, so bare with me. It might be an embarrassing topic for some. INFJs are known to be more in touch with their masculinity and femininity than others. Males: how have you felt femininity? How have you dealt with it...
  17. Chackabuu

    Common physical characteristics of INFJs

    This is kind of a spin off thread, as it was inspired by @ThinkingHippie's post about body language. Are there any physical traits/attributes/characteristics that seem to be common among INFJs? I've seen things such as being left handed or ambidextrous being more common. Also have seen...
  18. Chackabuu

    [INFJ] Relatable characters

    I was wondering what are some INFJ characters you guys relate to? I think I was born INFJ and have been unkmowingly relating to INFJ characters my whole life. I'm not here to argue character types btw. Some of my favorites are Lucy Snowe from Charlotte Brontë's Villette, Kaname Kuran from...
  19. Chackabuu

    [INFJ] INFJ Mistyping?

    I have seen many people talk about their typing and how it has changed. For example someone could say they used to be INTJ but now they're INFJ. In the case of INFJs, isn't it possible that these people could have been hanging around an INTJ during that time and caught their emotions...
  20. Chackabuu

    [INFJ] Types you're attracted to?

    I'm not specifically talking about compatibility here. What are some personality types you're attracted to as an INFJ and why? I always thought I liked INTJs, I guess because they're typically intelligent and introverted (could come up with more reasons if I felt like thinking about it). Until...
  21. Janas

    Help with my VERY stressed INFJ in a relationship

    Hallo, I'm looking for an advice how to approach my INFJ boyfriend who is at the moment under a lot of stress to the point that he starts questioning everything and is not sure about anything, he said he needs time for himself to go through his feelings and to understand them. He struggles with...
  22. ThinkingHippie

    Are there any body language/visual/speech patterns that are very INFJ? What do you think they are?

    So my question is whether you people noticed some pattern in the presentation of INFJs in their speech, tone, facial expressions, even the way they dress and their eyes and so on.
  23. OrangeLizzard

    Being introspective & intuitive has its cons

    I was watching this movie last night and one of the characters wasn’t as introspective and they just seemed so in tune with themselves. I noticed everyone gravitated towards this person because they probably were enamoured by that as well and I’ve met so many people throughout my life who are...
  24. 2

    Anyone does cognitive reframing?

    I do this a lot especially when I'm in a bad situation or something happened that I didn't like. I see pros and cons of each situation and it always make me feel better. Like I see opportunities in bad situations and events. Do you also do this too?
  25. ThinkingHippie

    My take on Ni (experience, and its archetypes)

    I consider myself challenged to write everything that is hard to explain. Ni is not exception to this. I think i have it, but even if i don't have it as dom, i'm temped to share what (i think) are my observations so far. Note that most things i say are based on myself. To me saying that Ni is...
  26. MegaHen

    Authentic Projection

    Projection is often judging or hating others for something you yourself have as a quality, right? During shadow work it’s important to look at your own projections.. INFJs and authenticity, is that a projection? We only want authentic people in our lives, and may judge others who feel phony or...
  27. Rycka

    [INFJ] How you learning about you being INFJ has changed your life?

    For me personally, I was always questioning why there are so many contradictions in my character and so many turbulent emotions. Learning about INFJ has helped me to put things into perspective and get a clearer picture into what direction I wanna move throughout life as a human being.
  28. 2

    Empathy: a superpower

    Anyone uses their empathy to get other people's perspective on things? I do, and it's very enlightening. Like I put myself in a shoes of a man who catcalls someone and they do that because they have the "power" to do so. I like doing this but I don't often do it. Anyone?
  29. 2

    What do you guys recommend?

    Hello, may I ask what college course/degree do you recommend for an INFJ? Thanks
  30. 2

    Learning disorders

    Anyone has learning disorders? I have one and it's called dyscalculia Wondering if I'm the only INFJ who has one...