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congress UFO hearing: What the hell is going on?

@JohnK, this post is reasonable enough that youʼve outed yourself. How long have you been among us? Donʼt pretend your kind rose up out of the primordial muck still found in coastal towns. :p

Ah the secret's out ..... :looninati:

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I don't think any intelligent life from outside the solar system has visited earth.

Given my complete rejection of the possibility of extraterrestrial UFOs, I view all claims with cynicism. The claimants are likely to have been mistaken, hallucinating, on drugs, or simply liars.

Media and political coverage of the topic, in the total absence of any undisputable evidence presented, I also view with cynicism.

I can only guess that interest in UFOs has been correlated with interest in news topics which could be damaging politically; and the occasional UFO news is nothing more than a distraction from other news.
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At the 1:43:40 timestamp
Burlison: "You have mentioned that there's interdimensional potential explanations, could you expound on that?"
Grusch: "In terms of multidimensionality, that kind of thing, that I'm familiar with, is something called the "Holographic Principle".

Holographic Principle (credit NASA)
The Holographic Principle, yet unproven, states that there is a maximum amount of information content held by regions adjacent to any surface. Therefore, counter-intuitively, the information content inside a room depends not on the volume of the room but on the area of the bounding walls. The principle derives from the idea that the Planck length, the length scale where quantum mechanics begins to dominate classical gravity, is one side of an area that can hold only about one bit of information. The limit was first postulated by physicist Gerard 't Hooft in 1993. It can arise from generalizations from seemingly distant speculation that the information held by a black hole is determined not by its enclosed volume but by the surface area of its event horizon. The term "holographic" arises from a hologram analogy where three-dimension images are created by projecting light though a flat screen. Beware, other people looking at the featured image may not claim to see 3 x 1065 bits -- they might claim to see a teapot.

There is a VERY big difference between interdimensional beings and the Holographic Principle.
Rather than alluding to interdimensional explanations, David Grusch changed the subject from interdimensional explanations to the Holographic Principle hogwash.

When asked if he had ever seen any of the alien bodies, rather than just saying "No." He stated: "That's something I've... I've not witnessed myself." 1:42:48

And, as is usual, so much of what he was asked, he could only address "behind closed doors". Absolute dog and pony show.
the holographic principal he alluded to explains how "things" not of our dimensionality can be witnessed by us...You seem fairly intent on simply calling the hearing more hoaxing....are you perhaps a holographic representation into this forum for that sole purpose? (wouldn't be the first time)
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None of you are real :looninati:
can't you have a holographic representation of a hyper dimensional being...I believe that is the point
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I don’t know if it’s hoaxing- I truly think they are bringing this to light because UAPS pose as potential national security threats from all over the world. It seems they are wanting to come up with strategies to fix this.

This hearing was simply the beginning to a more complex issue. Nonetheless, it will force authority to provide solutions to the problem, while also shining light on the truth to the world regarding UAPS. Our government has been lying to the public for so long on extraterrestrials- it’s time people focus on this matter and this hearing is a start. I don’t think military and intelligence officials would simply make this up if it wasn’t a significant problem…

We can catch this secrecy in the video at
00:46:37 to 00:47:50

The officials were stating that nobody made reports of UAPS public from years ago- as if it was just tucked away with the other secret files. If an unknown craft is flying in our skies, it should be made public for everyone’s safety. Why would the government not tell anyone if they weren’t hiding something?

“I was in the top 20 in the battle group. No one came. The captain was aware, the *something* was aware- nothing was done.” 00:47:33
this is a great, indepth, interview with USN Cmmdr (Ret.) David Fravor of the Tic Tac incident. It goes on at length about the incident but first about being a Navy fighter jet pilot.
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this is a great, indepth, interview with USN Cmmdr (Ret.) David Fravor of the Tic Tac incident. It goes on at length about the incident but first about being a Navy fighter jet pilot.

I can read this guy (an INFJ gift)- he seems very honest... it's in the eyes...​