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For myself, I tend to get angry when someone copies me. Even though, many will say that it is flattering- I disagree. Be unique rather than stealing someone's look or art. For example, if I spent time on a difficult project and someone copies me, it would infuriate me; what if that person gets the credit first and disregards my originality? It is important to express yourself in your own unique manner- that is where greatness can happen.
Generally, I tend to experience male acquaintances (both personal and work) who later purchase an item of clothing or footwear I had started sporting. On the whole, I found it to be mildly annoying, especially when they never gave me any credit for inspiring them.

I think the only time someone blatantly copied me was during my first year at university. Over the Christmas break, I decided to change my wardrobe and ‘smarten-up’. This involved wearing a nice green blazer that I had lying around.

The change in style must have been popular because even my director of studies once offered to buy the blazer from me (naturally, I refused). In addition, I caught a male student (on a completely different course) emulating my look (it was pretty unique at the time) but not as well. At one point, our eyes crossed… and then he held his head down in shame because he knew he’d been caught red-handed. LOL!
In the late 19th century Robert Emmet Odlum became the world's first professional "bridge jumper", jumping from dangerous heights into water. He died trying to top himself with a record-breaking jump that killed him in 1885. Shortly following his death, other jumpers, copycats would follow his example and beat his record. They always acknowledged and paid respectful homage to Odlum, even after breaking his record.

Copycats are great, because a copy cat is admiring what someone else did, learning from them, and furthers the good things of someone passed, keeping their memory alive in the minds and hearts of others.

I don't mind copycats, as long as they pay some respect for the person they are copying. What I have a problem with are "vultures". Vultures take inspiration, support. influence, and even resources of someone or a group of people to get ahead or profit then turn around and disrespect the person they drew from. I have no respect for vultures, and the only ways you can steer clear of them is to not look like you're dying or struggling or you have to shoot them. Vultures prey on what they perceive as weak, sick, or dying to benefit themselves.

P.S. This note is especially for newbies on the forum, for their safety. When first logged on here some years ago, I came with the impression of being a "safe space" to experiment and test my INFJ thoughts and ideas. It is not a "safe space" like that, but I had to learn to think more in terms of keeping public/impersonal boundaries while engaging with such fine people on an online forum. There are at least one vulture here though(not going to name any names *cough*but it starts with the letter R*cough*), and thus is a cautionary note to say "be careful" and think of the forum as more of a public space rather than someplace for personal exploration - that way you don't attract vultures.
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Thank you for this clarification @Jexocuha. A valuable contribution to this topic, and I think you're right about the difference between copycats and vultures.

I know what you mean about the false sense of security here. This space includes many caring and thoughtful people who are a great addition to my life, but it is still a public forum that anyone can join. I know your story, and I'm sorry that happened to you.