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Ethical to mock the anti vax?



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They already have their ducks lined up between the everything shortages, food crises, WW3, and the collapse of modern civilization. The NPCs will be getting hell of a wake up call come August as the world runs out of wheat for human consumption.

With EVERYTHING publically posted/stated how can this still be a "conspiracy theory"? This just boggles my this point in time will anyone "wake up" in August?

(Great post by the way!)
On Reddit, there is a thread called the Herman Cain Awards.

It is meant to show posts of anti vaccination / conspiracy theorists. The FB pages are scanned and memes collected and when an anti vaxxer dies from COVID, they post to make fun of their stupidity.

I find myself drawn to this subreddit, the horrible , idiotic shit that gets posted is mind numbing.

Is it ethical? The place maintains they show the "covidiots" to encourage vaccination. A part of me thinks it isn't ethical.

Regardless of vax status, they are people. At the same time, the horrific accounts on the subreddit seems like hurting feelings is the last thing I should worry about.

It’s not ethical to make fun of anyone for anything, unless it’s lighthearted joking between friends. Or some types of satire to promote progression of thought.

It’s not even helpful to mock. It changes nothing, but it sure adds to the hatred there is out there.

Many people had adverse reactions to the vaxx (Two people I know got Parkinson’s after getting it).

Do you think that a healthy person should be forced to risk possibly becoming a paraplegic vegetable for life just to potentially not spread a disease with a high survival rate?

Do you think it will end there? What else would the government want to judge is correct for your body eventually?

I’m not anti-vaxx, but unvaccinated for C19. And I haven’t caught it yet, don’t expect to because I’m hygienic and live an isolated lifestyle mostly, and I don’t care if it kills me, though I don’t expect it to. Spike proteins seem like a bad thing to have in my body through the vaxx or the real deal, but at this point it’s a choice I’m making just so the government knows: my body my choice!
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This video is absurd. Control over body ≠ voluntary free-will choice to be employed.
Ultimate fail issued for absolute poppycock line of nonsensical thinking. FML

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If it's (un)ethical is it (I R)R E S P O N S I B L E
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I don’t know if it is, or if it is not, but regardless, I’ve got better things to do. Mocking anyone takes time away from my petty indulgences, fanciful whims, and impulsive folly.

There’s demons, lich-lords, and succubi to be slain, and cups of medium roast with cream to slake my thirst. There’s also embroidery to plan and code. Without these things, I might be tempted to venture out into the mean streets, and homie don’t play roulette with homiecron.

My Dawgs,