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If you were a rock...where would you want to be?

Literally you, SOON
Ha! I'm a proud hobbit through and through.
A silicate chunk on a Saturnian moon.

A glinting smooth stone found by the inquisitive fingers of a curious human along the shore of a river, cast back into the waters only to be found by another years later, time and again.
Do I have eyes in this scenario? Let's assume not, to keep the answer SFW. Then I would like to be a rock on the California coast. I think the weather is mild enough that I would experience only mild discomfort about the loss of all my appendages, organs, and nervous system, and the alternation of tides could be an interesting source of enrichment.
I'd like to be the object of an exquisite oil painting, and as beauty living in the hearts of all.


Samuel Earp
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