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  • Thanks for the follow, as well, @uuu!
    I’ve noted to myself lately the fresh and slightly different-from-everyone-else perspective (or angle) on things that I’ve seen you comment on. Those threads are definitely the richer for that. See you around :)
    You forget that you have to have the heart and spirit to see it too...
    Everything you do is a reflection of the person you have chosen to be
    You have lost sight of your task in this life is to search/seek for what you find worthy know when you found even when it is packaged like you thought it would be.
    Ultrauber!!1 Yesterday, I met a young girl at the library who had the personality of Emma and the super brains of Wing-Sum. Methinks a cupid, I shall play. :P
    Yes, straight and male.
    The context—You said that you prefer to talk about yourself and that people who talk only about others do not value themselves. (Astute statement. This causes one to infer a strong level of psychological health on your part. :) )
    bro if you keep listening to WS you are going to waste the best years of your life. You will regret it in the future believe me
    :S i dont know bro, i feel like you are sacrificing your own happiness for the pride of another person. well if that's your choice good luck then :)
    hey; um, sorry, I'm kinda swarmed until AT LEAST the 9th; and...I don't get enough time, or mental energy, to compose a reply. Sorry! *bows*
    Have you gone back from Mexico?
    Hehe thanks. :D

    You aren't the first person who can't tell whether I am joking or not though. I think I need to perfect my sillyness. :P
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