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INFJs, how did your folks treat you when you were children?

I had this exact experience, distracting myself from the rage for a long time. One of the best things I ever did, with the help of a really good therapist, was to at long last open the door and let the rage come out in all it's glory. It was terrifying opening that door. I had to find a time and a place when I felt safe enough. But once it came out -- it wasn't so bad. Yes, it was a lot of pain and anger, but it wasn't anything I couldn't handle. It was a source of great strength knowing that I faced the demons and was okay.
Thank you, David. I'll consider this.
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This is much a post of self reflection about my own family of origin and psychopathology. I didn't start out as an INFJ, I actualy started out as ISFJ in 2014, and from 2016 - 2020 for the most part i was INFP, now after that tumultuous journey, i've solidified my type as an INFJ.

How was everyone else's experience? I'm curious about parental influence on how that has shaped some of us to become INFJ. My folks never really addressed hard issues. I never had an honest talk with them and i didn't know how to until recently when i had to learn that skill myself.

My dad was for the most part, someone who provided dough. He's good at that, but not so much relationships. And for my mum, i've pretty much maintain a distance with my mother, whom even up to this day, has little self awareness about the toxic and unhealthy rhetoric she spews out, (things which inconvenience her and the sacrifice she has given toward the family, and how it affects her in her tunnel vision.

How about the rest of you guys?
I always get misunderstood and my toxic brother always trying to make me angry talking to my parents doesn't what i really hate until now my parents still stick with my toxic brother idk why and i don't care someday I'll be able to live alone and doorslam everyone who hurt me