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Instrumental Music

[video=youtube;0yvz9z7HoTI] zI2WKrU5VxYY9QF5rG[/video]
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This is my music, I feel maybe some of you fellow INFJ's will get it. :)

<iframe style="border: 0; width: 100%; height: 42px;" src="" seamless><a href="">Some odd sines I saw by Top Doctor</a></iframe>

Check out the whole thing at if you fancy. Sorry to start my forum presence with self-promotion by the way. first my post didn't appear and now I can't edit it anymore. Anyway...I'll just post the the link here because the bandcamp player won't show up.

Still gives me shivers after years!
[video=youtube;zSkYpzikcdM];list=PLJ8o0JQw1i6HpZszI2WKrU5V xYY9QF5rG&amp;index=21[/video]

Yes Yes Yes! xD​

[video=youtube;wIeDOd8qBo8];index=26&amp;list=PLJ8o0JQw1i6HpZs zI2WKrU5VxYY9QF5rG[/video]

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Honestly - For me, this will always be the most beautiful instrumental OST ever created.