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is God a woman?

is God a woman?

  • God is a woman

    Votes: 2 3.0%
  • God is a man

    Votes: 4 6.1%
  • God is hermaphroditic

    Votes: 4 6.1%
  • God is beyond this particular question

    Votes: 50 75.8%
  • this question is relevant to God but beyond human comprehension

    Votes: 6 9.1%

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This question is way outside my reasoning. Why would a god have a gender? People often refer to God as some... person. I guess a person would be familiar enough to relate to. I think that's silly. Even if there is value in thinking of God as a person, I draw the line at trying to reason about its gender as if there was any intellectual benefit digging into this useless concept. I don't know how else to express that this question just isn't valid. It's like asking if atoms poop... It just doesn't mean anything or make any sense.

Well, I guess voting has revealed that everyone is on board.

Sorry the discussion didn't interest you! In future I will try to create threads that will provide more intellectual benefit to those responding to them, and will deal with concepts that are more useful. Or something. Whatever.
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i can only really conceive of god as subaltern in eternal state of transcendence so woman seemed the perfect choice for me.

I still agree with what I wrote here. For me, the state of divinity is sublime. A sublime state is a state of transcendence. Therefore, I think that God must be perpetually in a state of transcendence, in order to be defined as divine. I see transcendence at a fundamental level as the casting aside of an impediment that was previously not known as false but is revealed as false through the act of transcendence. So that in thinking about God's gender, I think of God as a woman, because I see a woman as being the source of transcending the most fundamental impediments, both to being, and to overwhelming historical definition in almost every culture on earth as inferior. Others may find this very silly... this is just my idea about it.

Possibly disagree with other things I wrote about on this thread as state of God as a unified being. Not sure.
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God is you. God is nature. Think about it.


Yes. we are gods.
You are a god.
You are the Creator of your world....and all of us are extras in your world providing a stories for you in order to reflect your Self back to you.

In the past We came here to forget that fact for a time to have experiences of fear.

Now comes the time for us all to remember:
...our Thoughts and our Feelings create our experiences.

Think the thoughts of a world you wish you to live in.
Feel emotions of a world you wish to feel in.
Now we can choose.
Sorry the discussion didn't interest you! In future I will try to create threads that will provide more intellectual benefit to those responding to them, and will deal with concepts that are more useful. Or something. Whatever.
I wasn't directing my opinion at you. The voting selection alone indicates you are aware of other perspectives.
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What if god is trans, what pronoun should I use?
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Historically speaking, god has often been more than one person, and sometimes not a person.
God is feminine and masculine (not woman and man). It's possible neither, I guess, but I think both is more likely, since I do believe we're made in Love's Image.
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Looking at the terrible, awful state of the world, I had no choice but to vote God as being a man. I have reluctantly called his mother.

He is in soooo much trouble. It started off as a joke, but then ? Well, I am staying out of it. I feel for the guy, but it's between the two of them. I think he tried his best, but after the dinosaurs he got over excited and started to think he could do anything. She was polite on the phone, but she was mad as hell. I had to tell her about Syria and Putin as well.

I am praying for him...
I'll not ask Him.
I often wonder of if the patriarchial earthly God folks have been conditioned to follow differs from a dual natured equal masculine-feminine energy being others ascribe to?

Curiosity generally does this, ;)
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I put option 4, but I want to withdraw it because it seems kinda mainstream in hindsight...

To be honest I was stuck between that and five. I'm agnostic, or whatever the one is that says, "I don't really care whether there's a god or what he/she/it's like because I'm the bau5 of my own psyche."

Oh, hello me from high school. What's funny is, in the intervening time I converted to evangelical Christianity and then came back to basically the same answer given in this post. But really? "bau5"? That's pretty cringe-tier slang.
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