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Is this a potential twin flame?

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Jul 21, 2023
Not sure where to post a question I have. Maybe in the spirituality forum rather than here? I have a question about a connection I have with someone. I loosely entertain concepts like karmic relationships, twin flames and soulmates. I take all that stuff with a grain of salt, but I find it fun.

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It sounds like limerance. It sounds like you need to sort things out in your life. It sounds like you’re having fairly typical experiences for a person approaching forty.

I’m not saying this isn’t special or significant, but it doesn’t have to be a twin flame or even a long relationship to be special or significant. It can be beautiful regardless.
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I don't get the attempt to put a spiritual spin on what seems like just blurry uncommitted relationships, lust, and unreciprocal expectations. I could say this more diplomatically, but it would just be insincere fluff. What you describe is spirituality=0, emotional connection=5, and impulsive appetite=95.
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