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Misinformation Susceptibility test


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Jul 5, 2012
Misinformation Susceptibility Test
Think you can beat misinformation? Try this comprehensive test of misinformation susceptibility.

The quick two-minute quiz gives a solid indication of how vulnerable a person is to being duped by the kind of fabricated news that is flooding online spaces.

The test, proven to work through a series of experiments involving over 8,000 participants taking place over two years, has been deployed by polling organisation YouGov to determine how susceptible Americans are to fake headlines.

The first survey to use the new 20-point test, called ‘MIST’ by researchers and developed using an early version of ChatGPT, has found that – on average – adult US citizens correctly classified two-thirds (65%) of headlines they were shown as either real or fake.

It only takes 2 minutes!

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If you want to comment on the particulars please use the "spoiler" function
I got 20/20 on my first attempt,
trick is to remember that these would be headlines and you are to determine whether or not the story they headline could be supported by traditional journalistic standards.
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test would not work for me on mobile...that said...


Granted I don’t watch or read the news.
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Ha. I started reading through the questions looking for anything I'd heard of, let alone read into and gave up.

I'll just pat myself on the back, and try to tell myself that I'm completely immune to misinformation because I don't consume news or social media for information.
While these are familiar topics, notions, opinions and such...my understanding is that they are AI generated headlines, not actual news articles. 14-16 out of twenty seems to be the range that most of the folks in my personal network, who responded, came back with.
Is the real test to see whether or not we identify the test itself as misinformation? Scoring high could ironically indicate gullibility.

Itʼs simple to test, and find this is not the case.

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That was interesting. Thank you for a quiz that doesn't look to name which princess I'm most like. Bugging me that I got one wrong and it won't tell me which.

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Inasmuch as youʼre 100% for detecting cow pies, please take a moment, and if you like, select a summer cocktail from the menu.

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