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Post the music you have been overcome with very recently

pale rider

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Feb 8, 2009
Not really knowing what was being listened to, this music on the piano produced a certain joy, happiness, wonder, and made my spirit within me sit up while listening at the end of this movie. It molded into a song that has pleased me many times over. Most people listen to it once or twice and never understand it. Enjoy.

Old song, new feelings
Sahalé - Djiin (Original Mix)
Have to follow the link on this one ...

VÉRITÉ – “by now”

For me, this is one of those songs that causes me to ache, so deeply. It reminds me of parts of myself I used to be ashamed of, and it recalls those times and places I was, at one time, profoundly embarrassed by. From either side of the lyrics, and sometimes both sides at once. I forgive myself those fears I once gave power, the self-doubt I long nurtured, and my ever-wider ignorance.

In certain ways I now know. I love, I believe, and I, at last, understand.

But this song asks me to remember the times before. When I was bewildered, and didn’t know how to help myself.

The timbre of her voice, and her range, and chosen registers—the emotional content—it is so beautiful to me.

It’s been months, okay, years, but to me, this song has remained evergreen and effortlessly profound.