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Urban philosophy

I thought this about this, too, but that would bring me down a rabbit hole of all the mistakes I made that I rationalized by adding deep philosophy and meaning when there probably wasn't any.

I think I didn't go down that rabbit hole because I'm not that smart :laughing::sweatsmile:
Poor self reflection skills ftw!
I'm not that critical or mindful of my own actions though tbh.
I've worked pretty hard to just operate in a way that is ok with who I am.
People outside of me work pretty hard to place guilt upon me already.
The thought did cross my mind though, and then I decided that was too much to analyze so my brain left that path :tearsofjoy:

A slight change in the arrow's direction could make a lot of difference.

I think this was the point I was trying to arrive at, eventually.
I'll have to keep this analogy in my back pocket!

"Vestiges" was kinky, and not "the total number of toes in this auditorium"?? Tough crowd tonight.

I may have a dirty mind, but I'm not some sort of freaky foot guy!
I did enjoy your analysis honestly, I didn't mean to detract/divert from it.
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How do we promote functional theology :thonking:
First, by teaching kids that there is no such thing as being free of religion. Religion is functionally the same as any worldview, so it addresses basic questions like "Why are we here", "What are we doing here" and "Where are we going". That puts theology on the same level as any philosophy that is being disseminated at schools, as the answers are the guiding principles for future politics.

Ideally, there would be principles that are inviolable, and then you build a democracy around them. If you only have democracy then there's no telling where you end up. Flimsy modern moral aphorisms like "everything is fine as long as you're not hurting anyone" are often ineffective at doing what they set out to do. You have no right for self-destruction under the declaration of personal freedom, first because you, too, are the image of God, and second because by definition you can't contain chaos except by order—that's discipline and adherence to core values. So hurting yourself actively or by neglect is highly likely to hurt someone else down the line. It's this sort of half-baked, low-resolution thinking and making up all kinds of new "rights" that are often produced without underlying theology: a piece of intersectionality that we could actually use for a change.
First, by teaching kids that there is no such thing as being free of religion.

I chuckled at the directness of this sentence.
I'll try to adopt this into my thinking/actions more.
I agree on some level, though with soft delivery in mind.
with soft delivery in mind