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What does it mean to be human?

Being human is sometimes not a place you would like to be.
Because it means feeling things, good and bad.
It means understand things, and understand that you will never understand everything.
It means thinking and dealing with other opinions.
It means having to choose.
It means trying to find solutions.
It means being such a beautiful and complex creature.
And sometimes people think humanity does not worth anything.I not sure I'm alright with that.
But being human also means thinking about that.
I believe that the bottom line to be considered human is just having human DNA. But what does it mean to be human, that is a totally different question. Something unique about being human is our self awareness and our ability to explore concepts, theories, etc. that are not based in reality/the physical world. A human, no matter their disability, injury or memory loss will always have 'I'. Who am I , where am I , this self awareness is unique to humans. We also have empathy, compassion and a desire for connectivity.