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Working Until You Die

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Iʼve something to say thatʼs sharp and spicy and foul, but I do not wish to be banned. That said...

What. The. Fuck.

Oh well, some mumblings about capitalism and labor.

Lol, what the actual fuck. The rudest workers are the back biters and social climbers that might be nice up front but will go to great lengths to sabotage anyone who isn't part of their clique.

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If that's what a rude coworker is, fuck all y'all
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You did notice the quotation marks, yes?


Roses didn't notice, I was just rollin with their reality
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Join the military so you won't die so quickly upon being drafted.
How about you sign up yourself oh wait aren't you waiting for the rapture...
That was not aimed personally.

I, personally so you will know, would go to Ukraine if I had the forces behind me to go into Iraq years ago. Same as freeing their neighbor from them. We could have taken Iraq and Iran the first time we were all over there. I shared it was not our mission, and how unfair it would be to our allies that may not have gotten involved had they know that.

Wait? The description would be better as being a watchman and overseer.