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  • Thanks for posting so many awesome things throughout the years on INFJs. ;) I've always been quietly appreciative of your posts.
    Alan Watts was the Western guru of our college days...so yes...I've listened to him off and on for years and years. Even two weeks ago someone in my facebook group posted a youtube video of him for us to listen. Each time I listen to him I hear something different. 2 years ago when I flew up north Special Edition gave me the files of one of his audio books. You might tag her if you wish to talk about him with other people. I'll listen to this one. I invite you to comment on it over my Spiritual thread.
    Uhh? Women's? If I have any say in this creation endeavor of yours - I prefer t-shirts with v necks. Otherwise I won't wear them. :)
    It's been fun. For awhile. Now it's stale and muggy. It's time for some air.... Window opens. I fly away. End Scene........
    If it was fun to do AND it turned out excellent - that is your calling.
    Ahhhh!!! [she says in wonder]. Wow it's beautiful! Gorgeous! I have this urge to touch it and let my fingers glide along the surface. You are an artist efromm! :D
    Snort...of course you didn't consider the dust bunnies. :lol: A very smooth finish would make it easy to clean up though. Great idea!
    You are turning trees into useful art...
    Ooo....I can definitely see you taking on the symbol of the Tree as your totem for business. :D

    I like the table because you brought out the grain from the tree in your design. But I wouldn't buy it with those upright trees attached down to the kick board/foot rest/stabilizer boards. Firstly - all I could envision was kids swinging their feet while trying to eat and kicking those beautiful trees. Secondly - I absolutely hate to dust and I can see dust layering itself amongst the branches of those trees.

    Yes. I too have been crying and crying for many things known and unknown. Awww....efromm.... I know it sounds weird but I'm soooo glad to see you crying. :hug:

    As I understand it - the continued Shift of the Earth into the 5D reality is causing all of our old deep seated darkness to come bubbling up to the surface so we can let go. We can let go of all of the old traumatic experiences and the pain and fear surrounding them. I admit I feel lighter and lighter....unburdened by my past as it were. You are walking that path too. I believe the more we offload our old crap the more room there is for new-ness. New ideas. New ways of being. New Joy!
    WooHoo!!!! Thank you so much for repping me your good news!!!! I'm smiling from ear to ear!! :D
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