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  • Just stopping by to say hi :wave: Also, thanks so much for the rep! I'm glad it made sense. :smile:
    No. It's not part of recovery.
    It implies blame and instills fear...which it seems you already understand, and that is why you won't say it outright..
    I'm not giving my opinion, I've worked with victims of sexual assault.
    The only person responsible for the attack is the attacker. He didn't choose to be assaulted.
    The best thing to do is offer support, and not advice right now.
    Glad to hear it! I found it about two months ago (something like that). It's pretty incredible! There are a few parts I'm still having trouble getting my head around but I seem to have been doing what it talks about anyway so it confirmed a lot of what I was thinking (or rather, not thinking). The Gospel of Thomas I had never even heard of makes sense to me for the first time, and I went to two Catholic schools!
    Thanks. Were you aware of it before I posted? Feel free to tag anyone else you think will appreciate it. I'm still not sure who everyone is yet to do it myself. I'd say it's best not to tag anyone you want to get it, I think they have to make the choice to read it themselves to have a chance of any know?
    thanks for the rep, and no problem it's nice to have conversation that didn't devolve into frustration
    I'm frustrated solely because you ask me to do something, Ido it, and then you pretend I didn't. You need to define patience and humility.
    Clearly you don't understand the conversation, so I'm not going to waste my time. You WILL take that as proof of me being arrogant/etc but thats ok. I've tried, you're still ignoring every single thing I said.
    Im done then. This forum is full of children and 50 year old women hoping to find their repressed childhoods in the spirits that other mentally underdeveloped children pretend to see with their intuition while they're inhaling the excess opium from their hippy parents house in stockholm and Paris

    Liberals always are afraid to think, so they make us try to feel our way through logic, do what feels good, you can never be wrong, anyone who disagrees is a racist, Europe is lazy thus the land of milk and honey, where you don't work for health care, because it just comes and is sustainable.

    Its bullshit and im surprised that Microsoft google chrome and Firefox don't wipe this damn site off the face of the earth, really, most people here are isfj/isfp. Are you serious.? They talk about intuition like they use it to talk to rocks?!?!? What do these people think intuition is? And on top of that we have people like you who go oh oh oh I'm Christian wait just kidding/ wait just kidding /i am wait just kidding/I am one wait just kidding. Nq jesus is lord oh wait I mean Jesus is an ideal of what a lord is.

    Holy hell man, dump or get off the pot.

    I debate because I'm always trying to lean, i troll because this forum isn't usually worth Nything serious. But what I said was true, you have to quote the Koran to support your crap or you have no case. You people have no problem quoting the bible to condemn Christians, pssssh, hypocrites.
    It wasn't an argument nor condemnation, in fact I very rarely give out neg reps because I believe in free speech. However, its very serious to imply in every way shape and form you're Christian, and then say you can or cannot believe certain tings, that could/will lead people away from Christ. And the main reason I don't want to argue is because my H and E key are broken, and I have a big math test I have to study for lmao. I enjoy discussing religion with anyone and everyone, I do not like however, to be disreagaded as crazy/illogical/irrational. And when I can since I am, I just leave the conversation, as that has happened many times on this forum.
    No I did, but you DID say you were a Christian on a previous thread, as well as having joining Jesus groups. It gives us a bad name. Not that YOU per se are giving us a bad name, but to be a Christian, the literal resurrection of Jesus is the most important piece. I didn't post in the topic, because frankly I don't want to get into some long drawn out disucssion.
    That's not what you said, and so basing off of what you said, I'm saying No. "The powers that be" is hogwash, its Jesus or hell. All those people who are like "Its just a different name for Jesus" well sure, I mean each language/dialect may have its own 'nickname' but if the Bible is not involved its not the same. You won't agree though. But its ok, you're open minded.
    I disagree with that argument. I'm posting a full response on the thread. (Not a response to your post, but a response to the entire thread)
    There is no hate - there is however the consequence of one's eternal soul. I did go and edit that thread, because I was being sarcastic on some counts. Well, sarcasm isn't the word, hyperbolic perhaps. People on this forum think I'm prejudice whenever I hold a different opinion than them, so I've been going around make super prejudiced posts lately simply as like a "no, this is prejudice" kind of thing. My thing is this: I do not care what you believe, however there is a God. And if you lead someone away from God, I'm not just going to be silent. (I don't want this to turn into a religious discussion, I was just going into a bit more detail)
    Its garbage. The entire thread is a laughing stock, and I'm giggling at all those who are duped by the audacity of "ascending" oh please.

    Besides, I'm prejudice.
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