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  • Ok. I hope things turn out ok. I dont know why I get misunderstood sometimes I just wanted to say you shouldn't dwell on the negative. You protect yourself as best as possible but then you move on and live your life.
    Chin up. Move forward.
    Good, good, I am glad to hear that! :)

    I definitely know the feeling, of having someone like that finally out of your life - like you can finally breathe better, and it's definitely a weight off the shoulders.

    And that is very true - you do have that power in that regard, of knowing his contact info and where he lives.

    You are very welcome! : )

    Once again, best of wishes - I hope you and Soma are having a decent day. ^_^
    You're welcome any time nos ^^
    Be it for a casual chat or just a need for a listening ear, you know where to find me ^^
    Could you resend me your reply I think my mailbox was full >.< (it should still have a copy in your send box)
    Does he have a password to your computer ?
    ah I only send that one, did you send something back or ? cause I didnt receive any reply in my mailbox ?
    Hey! It's good to hear from you again.

    I've been doing fine. I haven't posted in awhile, but I still check in every day.

    I have some bad news to tell you though.....

    I hate to tell you this....but....

    Daryl has been killed!!
    Nope! 'Tis hush, been hush since I joined in '11 - I was on hiatus for a long time until April though, lol. >.<

    Pics is now Gist!

    When I came back after my 1-2 yr. absence I was like. Who is anyone anymore????? *lost*
    After you said, "floating island," I was like "This is gonna be cool."
    Wow. I love your creativity! <3 You just synthesized a new world.
    Keep at it!
    Way to go!
    That’s gotta be some stress off your shoulders.
    Glad to hear it is working out.

    How are you otherwise?
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