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Corrupt A Wish

Granted. The bugs don't bite but the drum of their wings causes an incessant tinnitus that persists even through your sleep.

I wish getting older didn't result in such pain and fatigue.
Granted, you die early.

I wish people on on-ramps would accelerate such that their speed would match the speed of the highway traffic as they merged in.
Granted. People on on-ramps are matching the highway traffic speed as they merge perpendicularly rather than parallel to the traffic.

I wish houses were all glass and situated in nature, so you never have to be away from the trees.
Granted, but you discover someone has burgled you, and stolen away your pants, skirts, leggings, and indeed, any and all pantaloons, so you canʼt go out.

I wish for whirled peas.
Granted, but the wind blows them into soggy heaps, and they rot away leaving only the autumn ghosts of their beauty, whispering of mortality.

I wish I lived on the slopes of high mountains overlooking a Northern sea, with strange cloud shapes cascading down the slopes and wild weather driving the waves into great plumes of spray against the rocks below.
OK. Everyone that knows you must move in with you to share your dream house.

I wish for a nice inshore fishing boat all rigged, and a couple million dollars to pay for expenses.
I wish I was a famous movie star
In the global blockbuster The Southern Star, you, a massive ball of nuclear fusion, were featured prominently.

Those questing looked upon you and prayed, and you became a guide every evening as your blue-white dot ascended in the sky.


I wish I could cast spells and have a pale cream Saluki as my familiar.
Fine. Your pale cream saluki is drenched in blood, and your wish to cast spells becomes fire on your head.

I wish to test all loads coming into the states, turning around all fentanyl "Return To Sender".