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Has the field of psychology failed men?

One of the problems with disaffected young men is that they can easily embrace violence. That’s manageable in stable societies, but in unstable ones it’s not so. It seems to me that the break point comes when a significant proportion of people decide that death is no worse than their lot in life and are prepared to take the risk of it in order to try and better their lot. All it takes then is for some demagogue to focus it and give it spurious legitimacy politically and morally and you have major war, backed not just by the young men, but by a large proportion of the whole society.

I don’t see any truly wise global political leaders at the moment who can collectively lead the world away from such a possibility- I hope to god they emerge if circumstances do deteriorate socially and economically.

Unfortunately violence is a natural response to what young men are facing when traditional culture is almost entirely stripped out coupled to not being allowed to really participate in the human experience socially and economically while being left the bill to a party they've never attended so to speak. Another is the death of the traditional family unit and monogamous relationships leaving very little else for stability etc. This year might prove that we are already at this tipping point where social upheaval becomes reality sadly.
"Frontier Technology Issues: Harnessing the economic dividends from demographic change" July 2023 article, link: https://www.un.org/development/desa...e-economic-dividends-from-demographic-change/

Men, mental health and ending the ‘man up’ mentality

Basically, social roles and economic trends are changing and getting more daunting and more complex, not less. Humans, especially young human males, are having the hardest time right now keeping up, adapting, and making sense of a world devoid of central meta-narratives to fit into. And meta-narratives aren't "over with", rather, there are too many meta-narratives coming and going to follow... idk just my thoughts based on what I'm able to gather from UN and other "official" data sources.

Simply put we're being deprived the resources and the opportunities that previous generations taken for granted resulting in an overall lower standard to living.