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Men Inequality: are men falling behind in society?


The way I look at it, people are all different. We may have the same structures in many ways, but we still have our differences. Some people excel over others, not saying it is all natural. We might spend our lives trying to attain excellency in many ways, which comes from years of hard work and devotion. If a woman takes a world record from a man, we don't really notice the old record at the time. We witness perfection from years of someone devoted to win this. We don't look at how many times she failed or fell, we look at the perfection finally achieved. We praise her as a competitor, though there are some who praise her as a woman.

This may be normal for those, to try and praise her because she is a woman. She is young, strong, agile, beautiful, and now elated with happiness. She celebrates with the parents she loves, always, first. What a gift to the world. Are men falling behind? No, as we have witnessed an action by her that exceeded them all in perfection. Her personality is like a star in the sky. Our spirits cheered her on to her victory. We celebrated with her. Why do we have the propensity to say, "What a woman"? Why would we say, "Men are falling behind in society"? All of us do not socialize with the same people, or the same amount of people.
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Women can swim topless in public pools, says Berlin

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This case was all about gender. Good read.
An interesting take but it's only half of the equation. The other half is: what do women bring to the table?

The social contract over thousands of years was: women provide babies, men provide resources and security. However lately this has changed. There is no longer an expectation for women to have children. In fact, it is being actively discouraged as a detriment for her health and career. It goes as far as: we have too many people on the planet, there's not enough resources, climate change, yada yada, blah blah.

Given that women no longer want to provide their end of the contract and are actively taking over responsibilities from men, the response from latter is: more power to you while we're gonna enjoy the easy life for once. There is zero incentive for him give up his space on a lifeboat to a childless career feminist. It will take some time till women figure out that they have been scammed: they are now doing the hard work of men without any added benefits and in expense of their own biological imperative. It's not fun to spend 40 years at a corporation doing meaningless jobs only to end up alone in the end.

Meanwhile that "easy life" for men is not going that well also. For it's lonely and aimless. At least there's an endless supply of porn and video games to console.
Eventually one of the following will happen to end the crisis:
  1. A new social contract will be created complementing both sexes and we will have a new golden age. Very unlikely.
  2. Women will reject feminism and go back to previous contract. Also very unlikely.
  3. There will be a decline of things until a breaking point. When there will be genuine threats and scarce resources, sex roles will revert to default. Medium to high probability.
  4. Someone will make an irresistible offer to those men: join my gang / army / religion / revolution and you will be whole again. Violence on a mass scale will follow and minorities are the most likely target. Sex roles will revert to default. High probability.

Well put.
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I learned it on my own, but that makes sense given it's not a very complex song, but it was the lyrics that drove me to cover it back in high school:m155:.

Green Day lyrics are my life, no lie
I always liked Blackbird and Can't Find My Way Home. Blackbird taught me so many things up and down the neck, integrated into different noted later. The words helped to lift me up in my then shattered mindset, as I felt I had broken wings and wanted to see things more clearly. I felt a sense of the dark skies. After many years of flying, I was finally shown sunny skies filled with the beautiful sounds of birds.

Can't Find My Way Home was a simple display of chords being used together, plus I deeply related to the words. After many years of searching, I was finally shown my home. While my home awaits me, I try to help those I can from behind the scenes.
I never knew about infj in my life until tested and finding this forum. I had to just survive in a world I did not fit into, except in sports and the outdoors, until I found someone that understood me. He was a true friend and great mentor. His death had me stop working or facing people for a long time. My doctor helped me. I could not even help my cousin to bury her father and my uncle and friend as a pallbearer. She could not understand. Now she has passed, too. The spirit within me comforted me to start facing the world again. That spirit became my true friend and mentor.

Green Day did not come along until late in my life, as I partially related to the guy. Finding it to be a song from the 30s, I no longer viewed him as before. I still enjoy a good bit of their music.
on being a man in this culture...

There will always be inequality in a world without balance. Humanity in general seem to find it hard coming into terms with a balanced and peaceful nature some of us want in our lives. Some may argue that the nature of suffering interferes with balance.
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Found this somewhere, pre-meetoo era. Should be updated now I guess.

Suppose we raised our baby girls to believe that if they are hurt, they shouldn't cry because nobody would care. Suppose we also told them they would be seen as worthless failures for showing any vulnerability. Suppose we taught them that society measures a woman's worth in terms of her willingness to sacrifice her own life and happiness to ensure the happiness of her husband and that if her husband is not happy, it is proof she is a failure as a woman. Suppose we codified this conditional worth by inventing the conditional term "real woman" to describe a female who lives up to these sexist expectations. Then suppose after making clear our expectation that women exist solely to support men, and that their value is contingent upon doing so, we faulted them for out-earning those we expect them to support. Suppose we looked at this perfectly foreseeable result, and decided it is not simply explained by women rising to the unfair expectations foisted upon them, but as proof that the women are in fact oppressing the men that live a life free from such an oppressive expectation. Suppose we used the fact that women are required to earn more against them and considered any women who failed to do so to be a loser unworthy of anything. Suppose we denied jobless women benefits but supplied them to men based on the fact that unlike women, men enjoy the luxury of taking cake jobs or not working, and this results in lower pay. Suppose we sent only women off to die in war. Suppose we spent 10 times as much money on prostate cancer despite breast cancer being far more deadly. And suppose society held the general attitude that women were societies plow horses, and we showed complete indifference to their needs, and even made fun of the women who raised the issue, while pretending that every slight annoyance to the privileged life of a man was a huge issue. Lastly, suppose everything any one man was able to complain about was politicized and twisted into an assault on all men. And all of this for the sole reason that men earned less because women were accountable for their support. Starting to get the picture?​
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I'm rather new at this so I apologize if this has already been kicked around. I've read bits and pieces of this, I'm not going through 9 pages of it. LOL.

The problem IMHO is that society can't seem to let the pendulum swing to the center. There is ALWAYS so group that feels the uncontrolled need to swing it one way or the other...usually to the left. Hence we here in VT (home of same sex marriage) have pre-schoolers learning about the differences in body parts and sexual orientation. One school even recently bused elementary students to Washington DC to assist in a protest. Most of the parents didn't know what was going on, a lynching is scheduled next week.

I once had a job with the Commonwealth of mASS. I loved it. I was taken out of it TWICE due to ABSOLUTE veterans preference and "equal opportunity". I was asked back a 3rd time and told them to stuff it. Both times the job was given to people who didn't have the slightest idea how to do it.

Education...I was never able to get a scholarship because I was considered a white male (I do have Native ancestors but the state of confusion that I dwelled in didn't recognize that tribe) and my parents were working (OMG). Yet people of color were handed money like it was cheap candy at Halloween....most of them that I knew flunked.

The present pendulum, having flung so far left it's almost vertical, putting the lowly male (worse if he's white) at the bottom of the list. What would happen if on any form there is no box for female or male? No name? Just the facts please? What if a decision were made without taking into account that there is a bounty to be made for hiring a female or a minority? Hopefully they have done away with them, but the U.S. Forest Service pays (or paid) their Forest Supervisors a bounty for hiring females and minorities...female minority ...double payoff.

How about "equal opportunity" meaning just that? Everyone gets a fair chance. ....falling on deaf ears.