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Why it sucks to be an INFJ

Can you elaborate?
Sorry for taking so long to respond. I usually talk using illustrations. And have more of a backward-thinking style. A lot of times I know the results of something I'm talking about, so I jump around when telling my train of thought. So it makes it harder for them to understand what I'm saying oftentimes. So I have resorted to not talking unless I need to.
I know exactly what it is to have a visually-thinky brain.
Just yesterday I was attempting to describe the idea that it's important to learn both detachment/etherealism and participation/engagement in equal measure.
There are so many levels/points at which a person can become confused that it's really only something one can truly learn through experience rather than words.
Words fail me often. Visuals fail me less often but generally aren't absorbed with as much gravity unfortunately.

I also tend to abstain from conversations for conversation's sake,
and mainly only engage in a serious manner when I'm more certain I'm being heard properly.