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  • Me sorry. Thought you would never come back so I unfriended you. See it worked cause you came back! I missed you too.
    It was good. I am no longer on the ragged edge. LOL And you? You don't post much anymore and that is a shame.
    Has it occurred to you that you might be overthinking this a bit? :p Interesting perspective though, I'm not sure if I entirely understand it. What about the other four functions? If everyone is XXXX with different emphasis, they must be aware of all 8 functions, no?
    I see you! Where have you been? I miss seeing you riding that horse into battle around here!
    Actually, I didn't know. >:[ I didn't look into the dichotomies much before, it seemed like work. But I'm happy to know that other people have also noticed this, so that's awesome/affirming.
    Remember how we were discussing how N+F are fuzzy and holistic and S+T are concrete and linear? I discovered, Socionics has a dichotomy for this. :O Internal/External.
    "I don't know what exactly this means in terms of how you identify the different chains though."

    Aren't these Supervision rings? :s

    Well, I know Static/Dynamic, I understand Positivist/Negativist as types having a +/- IE as their base function, and Evolution/Involution is something I'm not entirely sure of, but roughly understand the picture. Going by the descriptions alone, I'm very horribly Holographical-Panaromic. I'd skipped this description previously for some reason; I'm not really Deterministic, or a positivist.
    May have to give you random hello and *snuggles* Stick around will you, you make some great comments.
    I've seen Agalloch live last year it was pretty amazing. Love the band though. I am glad that you like them as well. Great music.
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